by Binocular

The man behind Binocular was Kevin Rudolf, who later had a top 5 hit with 'Let It Rock' featuring Lil Wayne. He was signed to Madonna's Maverick label. He recorded the songs in his bedroom in NYC. His production and recording techniques were an introduction for me to a new breed of bedroom producers who didn't learn in big studios and worked in very unconventional ways. His songs would regularly have up to 70-80 tracks. There were many snares, kicks, hi-hats - you name it, and there were many of them. When I asked him why he had 5 tracks of tambourines once, he said 'because I wanted the tambourine to be louder' - he didn't quite get the concept of turning up the fader on a single tambourine track. Kevin was fastidious when it came to mixing, I was worried that we were going to mix the life right out of the record.

Anyway, he was a great pop writer and the album turned out to be pretty good. However, one day Madonna's A&R man came down to the studio to talk about Kevin going around the country to do radio promotion for the first single and Kevin said....'Oh, no, I don't tour or play gigs'.  When the A&R man realized that Kevin' was deadly serious, he had a look of despair on his face that made me think that all my mixing work was not going to see the light of day. And that was about the end of the road for Kevin's Binocular project. My favorite track on the album was 'As The End Of The World'. The album was almost finished when Kevin picked up the guitar and said....'I have another song I haven't recorded yet that you might like'. He was right - it sounded great with just guitar and vocals. I said 'ok, go home and record this tonight - but no giant production - no more than 24 tracks, right?'. He managed to pull it off and I loved it. 


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