Blog 001 - Firstly....something a little educational

I thought, as this is my first blog, that I should kick off with a classic insight into band psychology, the role of a producer in the studio and the problems one might face when working with drummers. For anyone thinking of entering the studio world, this is a must. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the infamous Troggs Tapes!

Someone on a Troggs session back in the 70s, probably the engineer or assistant engineer, realising that this could be gold dust, put up a mic in the control room to capture the bands banter during the session - and I’m so grateful that he did! This is priceless. Things really hot up at around 5 minutes in when the drummer, Ron, is struggling to play a drum fill to everyone’s satisfaction.

The Troggs, from Andover in Hampshire, had a massive hit called ‘Wild Thing’ in 1966. They had a couple of other pretty big songs but didn’t manage to maintain long term success……after listening to this, you’ll probably understand why.

Don’t play this in front of your kids!

Mark Saunders