Boy Crisis.jpg

Fountain Of Youth

by Boy Crisis

This is one of those times where I should have gone with my gut instinct - and turned this project down. But one of the label bosses was more of a friend of mine so I went ahead and signed up for it.....but I knew the likelyhood of this project ending well was slim at best. They were mates of MGMT - which bizarrely in record company land makes a band 20 times more attractive than bands with no successful mates. I yet to see proof that this theory works out much. 

Anyway, Boy Crisis was the poster child of dysfunctional bands - and to top it off, they were from Brooklyn. Now to me, a band being from Brooklyn always throws up an automatic red flag. There are so many hipster bands in Brooklyn and,  although there have been some amazing and successful bands coming from Brooklyn, there are always a ton that you will never hear about because they are so worried about what their mates in Brooklyn think that they either never finish a single/album or won't dare let it be produced in a way that makes them appear to be appealing to the masses for fear of being called 'sellouts!' and therefore never get radio play. Boy Crisis, with the added ingredient of spending most of their advance from Elton John's management company on drugs, did amazingly manage to make a half decent record but got dropped from the label partly because of a most appallingly embarrassing show at SXSW (my friend the label boss turned to me during it and said 'I'm going to have to let them go aren't I' - I nodded solemnly) and partly because they blew their entire yearly advance in about 3 months. However....I love the vibe of this one song! 


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