Live At Union Chapel, London

by David Byrne

2004. This gig was the last night of a pretty long tour - so David and the band were very good 'n tight at this point! I loved mixing these songs and I still love listening to them now. The vibe i excellent.

David had been sending me recordings from a few different venues along the tour and I'd start mixing them and then he would tell me to hold off as they progressed round the country.  

Until he got to Austin, David had been hiring a string section in which ever city he was playing - so scarily, the only rehearsal the string players got with the band was during the soundcheck. This was interesting to say the least. On some songs, strings would be coming in and out at the wrong places and on one gig, when I solo'd the string players mics, I could hear them talking to each other - one said 'what bar are we at?' to which the other responded 'I dunno!'. Then in Austin things dramatically improved when David hired the local string section Tosca String Quartet. They are brilliant and David immediately hired them for the rest of the tour. They improved and embellished the string parts quite a bit and I think they sound amazing on these tracks - especially on 'Like Human Do' and 'Lazy'. Mauro Refosco, the excellent percussionist playing on this also plays with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

I mixed this originally for the BBC broadcast but then when I first got into 5.1 surround mixing, I decided that this gig would be a great one to try a surround mix on. When I finished, I emailed David and told him that I'd love him to come and check it out in my studio and, as luck would have it, he said 'great, we need a 5.1 mix for the dvd release' - bingo!


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