Depeche Mode Everything Counts.jpg

Everything Counts & Strangelove remixes

by Depeche Mode

Both these remixes I did with Tim Simenon from Bomb The Bass and so sometimes I get credited as being part of Bomb The Bass - which sadly I wasn't!

Everything Counts was remixed at Konk studios (belonging to The Kinks) in Crouch End, London and Strangelove was remixed at Livingston Studios (I think), again in north London.

I distinctly remember the Strangelove mix being a technical nightmare for some reason and the mix dragged on all night until the not so early hours of the morning. I was frazzled, dead tired desperate to get home afterwards and it was still early enough in the morning to be pre rush hour and I was definitely speeding on my way home in my Peugeot 205 GTi! I stopped at a 7/11 tore to buy some milk and 4 cops jumped out of an unmarked car that squealed to a halt behind me. Apparently they'd been trying to get me to stop for two miles by flashing their headlights at me. In my exhausted stat I just thought their headlights were loose and bouncing up and down. When they asked me where I'd come from I was like a zombie...I couldn't remember....when they asked me where I was going, I could not tell them either. They let me off surprisingly.



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