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Shoki Shoki

by Femi Kuti

I flew to Paris from the US where I was living at the time to mix this - and I alway loved working in Paris.

The was a totally awesome project. I worked 14 days straight in the studio as far as I remember so the day I arrived was the only free day I was going to have, so when I arrived early morning I left my hotel on the south side of Paris and just went out and walked through as much of Paris as I could - all the way up to Montmartre. By the evening I remember almost hallucinating with tiredness as I walked back to the hotel, but it was worth it. 

Femi was an unbelievably bright, funny talented and good guy. And Sodi, the French producer was too. Studio Guiiaumtelle, where we worked, was brilliant. When I found out I was going to be working in a studio on the outskirts of Paris I was not happy - I imagined being in a shitty industrial area rather than in gorgeous central Paris. But, the studio was in Suresnes, a perfect little small town attached to the south side of Paris. The studio was the original old cinema just off  the perfectly charming little French town square which had everything you'd need for a French way of life around it -  a boulangerie, a boucherie, a wine shop, cafes/bars with outdoor tables.


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