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Faith & Healing (The Carpenter's Son remix)

by Ian McCulloch

1989. Can't remember where I mixed this. I do remember though that Malcom Dunbar was the A&R man. Not so many moons before, when I was working at West Side Studios, Shepherds Bush as an assistant, Malcom came to the studio a few times to meet my bosses, Alan Winstanley & Clive Langer (Madness, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Bush, Elvi Costello). Malcom would ring the door bell, I'd go and open the door and he would walk in and completely blank me - no hello - just straight past me as if I didn't exist. In his super important A&R eyes, I wa not worthy of talking to. So fast forward to the remix, Malcom comes to check it out and when he walks in, He says 'Hi, I'm Malcom Dunbar....I don't think we've ever met'. Nice.

As he left the studio he told me that he loved the mix and really wanted me to come to his office in a couple of days to discuss other projects. So I showed up at the label offices and while I was sitting, waiting outside Dunbar's office, he walked out, straight past me, carrying a cardboard box. His assistant told me a few minutes later that he'd just left the company!


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