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by Lisa Stansfield

1989. Having mixed Lisa's first hit in collaboration with Coldcut - the brilliant 'People Hold On', I was asked to mix 'This is The Right Time' for the album Affection by the Arista in the UK - another totally infectious tune.

For some bizarre reason, Coldcut's Matt Black and Jonathan Moore were completely down on the track, they thought it needed re-working drastically - they thought it was 'just not working'. So when I got in the studio I wasn't expecting great things. I started pushing the faders up, listening to the song for the first time. Literally after a few minutes I thought it sounded fantastic. I had no idea what the Coldcut guys were talking about. This was a pretty quick mix! It was the first single from Affection and went to 13 in the UK and was no. 1 in the US dance chart.

Later, when Affection was being scheduled for release in the US, the famous head of Arista, Clive Davis, asked me to remix 'What Did I Do To You? and 'The Love In Me' for the American release. Two more awesome songs. The only problem was, that Arista in the US never bothered to change the album credits from the UK version to the US version so I'm only credited with mixing one track, 'The Is The Right Time', on the US album and not three. This turned out to be a problem when they were dishing out royalties every quarter, because the royalty department look at the credits on the album leave to see who did what. Luckily, my version of 'What Did I Do To You?' was released as a single in the UK (reached no. 25 in the singles chart) and I was credited for the mix - so that helped my case. But, if you compare the UK version of Affection to the US version, 'The Love In Me' and 'What Did I Do To You?' both have extra percussion that I added.


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