Angel Pie_Tin Foil Valley.jpg

Tin Foil Valley & Jake

by Angel Pie

From Liverpool, Angel Pie were made up of Marina Van-Rooy (vocals), John McEvoy (guitar and bass) and Steven Humphreys (drums). I'd worked with John and Steven when they were playing with Ian McCulloch on the sessions for Ian's 1992 album 'Mysterio'.

Angel Pie, wrote very eclectic and atmospheric pop tunes that reminded me of 60's French pop. Marina's breathy vocals and melodies had a lot to do with that. I remember exactly where I met them for the first time - in a round fronted restaurant in Notting Hill where Kensington Park Road meets Pembridge Villas. No offense John and Steven, but Marina was instantly unforgettable!

The first track we recorded was the extremely catchy Tin Foil Valley which we worked on at the bands' publishing company's own little studio. Later we worked on the never-to-see-the-light-of-day album 'Jake' for which we hunkered down in the residential studio, The Wool Hall, near Bath - owned at the time by Tears For Fears.

The album title was named after my dog, a Battersea Dog's Home alumni, who Marina took rather a shining to. I'm still proud of that body of work. I think we made a really good album and it stands up today.


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