by Amina

1989. This was a very pleasurable album mix. I drove to Brussels to work in the brilliant American run  I.C.P. studios. This was my second mix session in that studio and I loved the place. The owner John Hastry seemed to have unlimited funds to buy new (or vintage) gear and it felt like something really cool turned up for us to try out nearly every day! The smoky voiced French Tunisian Amina was a pleasure to work with and her partner Martin Meissonnier produced brilliant tracks for me to mix. Martin had worked with some world heavyweights such as Fela Kuti, Afrika Bambaataa, King Sunny Ade & Khaled.

If I remember correctly. Martin and Amina were a couple at the time I met them for the first time. I was flown to Paris to meet them with regard to mixing Amina's album - not too much of a hardship! In their kitchen, Martin asked Amina to sing for me. This was nearly always awkward. If you've ever been in the only person in the room being sung too by someone who's going to expect your professional opinion with seconds of finishing the song, you'll probably know what I mean. If what you are hearing is not great then a 3 min song can seem an eternity while you are locked into eye contact with the singer who is looking for any signs of reassurance form you - and the only thing that is going on through your mind is 'how do I let him/her down gently?'. Fortunately in Amina's case, she sounded great!

I think this is a great album.


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