by Eat

1994. Eat were signed to Fiction Records (The Cure's label). The first song I mixed for Eat was Tombstone which I've included here even though it was not on the album 'Epicure' - it was a prior single mix.

Fantastic band, great live - but fairly self destructive which is probably why you've never heard of them. Should have been a big band though.

They liked to sweat the small stuff. I was in the studio with them a couple of days after returning from my first three week trip to Uganda and Kenya. I went from witnessing extreme poverty, people living day to day, surviving on with very, very little - to listening to five grown men arguing for ages about what the hi-hat pattern should be on a particular song. I distinctly remember saying 'you know, I think none of this really matters in the grand scheme of things'......which didn't go down a storm.

I produced, recorded and mixed 'Baby In Flares' and 'Haddlyanndan' at Olympic Studios. The rest of the songs I mixed -  maybe at Olympic too.


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