Little By Little

by Robert Plant

1985. This was very early on in my studio career. I had been assisting at West Side Studios for about a year or less. Rob Dickens who was head of WEA in London asked me to remix this fabulous track. Apparently the label already had a remix that they had commissioned and Robert liked. But the highly opinionated Rob Dickens hated it which pissed off Robert who said 'Well if you think you can do better, why don't you one yourself!!'. So that's why I got a call from Rob who came down to West Side and played pool and hung out outside the control room while I remixed the track. He'd pop in occasionally to check out how the mix was going and then, having the somewhat large ego that he had, he released it as the 'Rob Dickens Remix' with my name down underneath in much smaller letters 'engineered by Mark Saunders' and never paid me for it either! That was a 'welcome to the music business son!' moment.

On iTunes the mix can be found on the Plant 'Stirred and Shaken' remastered album but is mislabelled as a 2006 mix - which just goes to how that you can't trust the record labels to get things right.


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