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by Teddy Geiger

Teddy Geiger is insanely talented. And a fabulous human being. We met in 2009, before his transition to a woman, when he came to me to play me some tracks he'd been writing and produced at home. Incredibly creative and beautifully put together songs - a mixture of live instruments and electronic programming but all done in very quirky and organic way. Surprisingly, Teddy seemed to be a bit lacking in self confidence at the time - not helped by an unsupportive manager who didn’t seem to believe in what Teddy was doing either.

I was introduced to Teddy by my manager at the time, Ollie Hammett, a fellow Brit who was based at my studio in Manhattan. While Teddy and I started working on some of his tracks together, Ollie took over the role of manager to Teddy and brilliantly helped pilot Teddy’s career over the next few years to the point where she is now one of the world’s top writer/producers creating mega hits like the awesome Shawn Mendes hit 'Stiches' which won Teddy the 2017 BMI Song Of The Year Award. She’s also written for One Direction, Maroon 5 and James Blunt as well as releasing a great solo album ‘LillyAnna’ in 2018.


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