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She's In A Trance (Mark Saunders remix)

by The Heart Throbs

1990. Totally loved this track. Reminded me of Curved Air's 1970's spectacular song 'Back Street Luv'.

As much a I love the mix, my experience in the studio was most peculiar and very difficult for me. The Heart Throbs were signed to One Little Indian and the founder of the label, Derek Birkitt came down to the studio  during the mix with another label guy - and apart from introducing themselves, they never said a bloody word the whole time they were there. Derek actually sat right alongside me at the board. They gave not one ounce of a vibe that they liked what I was doing - no nodding in time with the music or tapping their feet....not one single clue as to what they thought about the mix. It was extremely disconcerting - and I didn't ask them what they thought because I could only assume that they hated it! I just tried to make it better! 

The next day I called my manager and told her how the session went and she called the label to get their feedback - I dreaded the outcome. She called back in a couple of minutes and said 'They absolutely love the mix!! They just didn't want to talk to you to disturb your work flow - they wanted to watch and listen!'. Phew.


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