Situation remix

by Yazoo

1990? Not sure about the year or what studio it was. But it was an honor to work on a mix with the legendary Daniel Miller, founder of Mute Records and writer of Warm Leatherette.

I knew the song well and am a huge fan - but, I had no idea how short it was! The original version is 2'24"!  When I first pushed play on the tape machine, i started pushing up faders to listen to what was on each track - and then before I got through all the track the song stopped. It seemed way to short so I sent the assistant off to call the label to say that the multitrack copy was incomplete. While the assistant went off to make that call I pushed all the faders up, listened through and realized that the perfectly written pop song fit into 2'24"!!  It is shear genius. The song has everything you need and want from a song and it's that short!!  Vince Clarke is a pop genius.


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